Servo Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Besides the fact that the most important feature of the servo rotary screw air compressors provide energy saving between 20% and 50% compared to stable speed rotary screw compressors, they also provides 8% and 10% more energy savings than normal type rotary screw air compressors with inverter. This is because, the normal type compressors with inverter have an asynchronous motor and these motors can reach 88% and 90% efficiency. However, the rotary screw air compressors with servo motor have synchronous motor. These motors can run up to 96% efficiency. Therefore, they are known as First Class energy-saving motors. The following graphic compares efficiencies of normal type motor with servo motor. Our servo rotary screw air compressors have a structure in which screw unit and high efficient synchronous motor are integrated. Since the compact system has a smaller size it occupies less space.

More Intelligent Control System
Air capacity and system temperature can be automatically adjusted. The compressor operates at a constant temperature and it is very easy to operate the system.Magnetic field design and distribution of intensity are at reasonable levels. The volume level is low no matter how large the motor operating frequency is.Size of the servo motor is equal to the 1/3 of the normal synchronous motor. Therefore, its maintenance is easier. Smart design, in order to ensure system reliability and easy maintenance.

Stable Air Supply
Constant air supply is provided thanks to the PID controller of the inverter or the inverter's speed adjustment feature. As it can be understood from the figure shown on the right, there is no power transmission element between the rotary screw unit and servo motor. The male rotor shaft of the screw unit is also the shaft of servo motor. For this reason, the efficiency is at the maximum level. At the same time, the shaft is fixed with the bearing at the rear section of the motor. This ensures the energy saving by reducing friction of the shaft and minimizes the noise level.In addition, the space advantage is provided due to the compact structure of the system.

How long is the warranty period of your Rotary Screw Compressor?
Except for the parts such as Filter-Separator and lubricant, the compressor system is under warranty for 24 months. Tamsan guarantees to provide new spare parts for free for the failures unless failure is not as a result of unauthorized maintenance or misuse (Except for the part such as filter-separator and lubricant)