IE 3 PREMIUM EFFICIENCY Standart / Standard

Pay for what you spend
The compressors with inverter are frequency controlled rotary screw air compressors. They adjust the engine speed according to needs of your facility and can provide up to 40% energy savings compared to load-unload type compressors. For example, if we
assume that air consumption is about 6 m3/min and the capacity of existing load-unload compressor is 9 m3/min, the compressor will spend extra energy by using all of the engine power during operation. The situation is slightly different in the inverter
type compressors. The compressors with inverter constantly keep the compressor at the pressure value which is set for the compressor by reducing or increasing the engine power with the frequency controller. In short, the compressor will operate
according to instant air consumption need of the facility.

The inrush current advantage
Another advantage of the rotary screw air compressors with inverter is the advantage of inrush current consumption. The electric motors draw about 3 times more current compared to the normal motors during initial start. When the
compressor is on the stop-and-wait condition and during initial start the load-unload compressors draws 3 times more current compared to nominal value (if it does not have the soft start device). However, the compressors with inverter have also
soft start circuit, in order to eliminate the inrush current and enable the motor to start in a healthy way with minimum current consumption.

  • Asymmetricaly profiled rotary screw airend
  • Ip-55 protection
  • Long life special design seperator
  • Aluminium radiator enables excellent cooling through external fan and excellent operation performance at 0-45°C ambient temperature
  • User friendly digital control panel
  • Electrical high pressure safety
  • Mechanical high pressure safety
  • Overheat protection
  • Main motor overload protection
  • Fan motor overload protection hydraulic hose set, resistant to high pressure and heat
  • Low dust level due to cabinet filter
  • Smart design enables handling with forkliftand transpalette
  • Vibration-free operation with vibration preventing pads
  • Easy operation even at cold weather conditions due to thermostatic oil valve
  • Proteciton with electrostatic powder coating against cırrıssion
  • Easily removable compressor covers
  • Comfortable starting through fast air discharge
  • Suspendable with the help of lifting design
  • Soft start support
  • Energy saving up to %35
  • Pid control