18,5 KW - 22 KW

TVK 3101, TVK 3801

IE 3 PREMIUM EFFICIENCY Standart / Standard

The bottom chassis of the compressors are designed in a manner that enables easy handling with forklift or transpallet. Thus, the compressor can be easily displaced within the facility in which it is used.

Aesthetic Design
The design of Tamsan compressors are made by experienced designers and engineers.

Easy to Use
When you want to use the compressor, just turn the start button clockwise.Temperature, pressure and other important data can be monitored from the control panel. If compressor encounters a trouble, it protects itself against any damage that may occur and stops. You can see the warning signs at the control panel.

Digital Control Panel
Tamsan rotary screw air compressors are equipped with analogue or digital control panel option according to user preference. 

High Efficiency with Low Rotation Speed
Rotors are the main component of the rotary screw air compressors composing screw unit of the compressor. Rotor rotation speed (RPM) is kept at lowest level in order to provide increased lifespan for the screw unit. 

Model Pressure [bar] Capacity [m3/dk] CFM Motor [kw/hp] Connection [inch (")] Dimensions [mm] Weight
TVK 3101 E 7 3,1 108,5 18,5 / 25 1 890 x 1270 x 1330 440
10 2,6 91
13 2,1 73,5
TVK 3801 E 7 3,6 126 22 / 30 1 890 x 1270 x 1330 530
10 2,8 98
13 2,4 84

  • Asymmetrically profiled rotary screw airend
  • Ip-55 protection 18.5-22 KW electiric motor
  • Aluminium radiator enables excellent cooling
  • User friendly control panel with digital and analog options
  • Electrical high pressure safety
  • Mechanical high pressure safety
  • Overheat protection
  • Main motor overload protection
  • Hydraulic hoses resistant to high pressure and temperature
  • Low noise level
  • Cabinet filter provides provides protection against dust during intake
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Smart design enabling handling handling with forklift and transpalette
  • Vibration-free operation with vibration preventing pads
  • Long bearing lifespan with low rotation speed
  • Easy operation even at cold weather conditions due to thermostatic oil valve
  • Cabinet protected with electrostatic powder coating against corrosion
  • Easy maintenance due to removable compressor covers including upper cover